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GPS Car Tracking System in Delhi

Welcome to Car Tracking India. Do you need to track your vehicle online? If yes, then Car Tracking India is best option for you because it understands costumer requirement then suggest best device according to Clint requirement and also explain suggested product.

Car Tracking India is GPS tracking system installation service provider for car, bus, truck and bike. With the help of GPS tracking technology you can recover your stolen vehicle as well as you can see real time location of your vehicle.

In the GPS industry, Car Tracking India has installed several GPS device in vehicle Across Delhi (NCR). We are trying to latest and waterproof tracking solution for vehicles that have ability to showing accurate positioning of vehicle even it gets stolen.

Nowadays vehicle tracking system is very necessary because smaller car and bike is being stolen and GPS tracking system has the ability to protect your costly car, bike or any type of vehicle at malviya nagar, hauz khas, Dwarka, Rohini, Narela in east, west, north, mobile signal booster Delhi, Gurgaon, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Dadri and all over India.

Car Tracking India is a Wholesaler and Supplier of many kinds of GPS tracking devices, offering WeTrack2, GT06N, GT06E, TR06, GT03A, TR02, GT100, TK103, TK116, TK105, TK119 L-100 to track your vehicle and personal tracker GK309, GK301, GS503, GT300 TK102 for children with new technology so you can just call +91-9990256898 or send email for installing GPS tracking system in your vehicle.

For installing GPS System in your car you need to buy a GPRS activated SIM card then we can install GPS Device at your vehicle in few minutes.

After installing GPS Tracker at your vehicle we provide you a mobile application where you can see your vehicle live report that now where is your vehicle, how much time to take to reach at any place, which route is taken, how many halts and stops and also you can hear all conversations under your vehicle.

We have been offering our service for 5 year focused on customer satisfaction and requirement. We have experienced technical group of GPS hardware and software fitters and installers.

We can send our product via courier if you order one day ahead in Kolkata, Bhopal, Mobile Signal Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Ahmedabad, Raipur, Koimbatore, Jaipur, Ludhiana, Pune, Surat, Thiruvananthapuram, chennai, bangalore, Amritsar, cochi, Chandigarh, Chidambaram, Mysuru, Kolkata, Dehradun, Vadodara, Amravati, Salem, Tiruppur.

Start Your Own Business with Car Tracking India to Become Authorized Distributor, Dealer or Local Reseller

Hi Friends,

We have seen more people don’t want to Join any company because there are no freedoms for enjoying his life. They want to do any type of work with freedom. So they want to start your own business. For that people I declare new business opportunity in the GPS industry for all people who want to start your own business in their local aria.

I don’t want to force them. Our aim is providing latest products and service with new technology of my authorized dealer, distributor or reseller on discount price so that they earn responsible margin on that products as well as helping them for any technical support

Now we have started new office at Sec 17, Vashi in Mumbai of GPS Tracking System and want to connect people who want to dealership and distributorship in Mumbai.

I would like to request to all of peoples who want to start new business that “Know yourself” and strengths. In order to booming great businessman then decide which location you will have to suitable and which type of business can do.

You can talk with us directly via mobile no: +91-9990528205 or send your query on

Know More about Mobile Signal Booster GPS Tracker GT06N

gps vehicle tracker in Delhi
Know More GPS Vehicle Tracker GT06N

How to Install GPS Tracking System in Vehicle?

1. Green wire: Cut off the positive connection line of the pump then connect in series to the two green wires.

2. White wire: Connect to vehicle's positive power or the red wire of power cord.

3. Yellow wire: Connect to the host's yellow wire

how to install gps tracker in car?
Installetion of Vehicle Tracker GT06N

Our Price is Reasonable

We have many kinds of GPS Tracker device according to your budget or requirement and we suggest the best device for you.

Many costumers are calling us and asking same question then we have finally decided to describe all answer in our website.

1. Costumer asking about which device is best for me?

We have different type of GPS Tracker according to your requirement. You will have to tell us which features you are looking for; only tracking, two ways calling, engine cut-off, fuel tracker or personal tracker.

2. How GPS Tracking System installed?

It is very easy to install in any vehicles. You need GPRS activated sim cards which transfer your vehicle movement data via alert. It has three power cables red, black and yellow you need to connect red wire where always have power and yellow wire to connect where will have power when ignition is on as well as connect black wire on ground of vehicle.

3. Can I transfer the GPS Device to another Car?

Yes, you can transfer your GPS tracking system to any other car do not need extra charge.

4. Will you help us to Install GPS Device at my Car?

Yes, I have hardware and software technical expert they will help you telephonic if you are out of our city Aboug GPS system and mobile signal booster.

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